The Tissue Factory

Automated production of human tissue equivalents

An interdisciplinary group of Fraunhofer scientists has implemented a continuous process chain for tissue engineering into a single production plant - starting with the extraction of cells out of human biopsy material up to the fully automated tissue culture of human skin equivalatents. The tissue factory provides a powerful platform for novel product, process and
material technologies for the automated manufacturing of various kinds of human tissues.

The production system of the Tissue Factory is subdivided into three main modules: cell extraction module, cell expansion module and tissue cultivation module.


  • Automated manufacture of 5,000 human skin equivalents per month
  • Portfolio of diverse human tissue products in significant quantities in a near future
  • 100 % quality control via non-invasive methods
  • Widely GMP-compliant
  • Modular plant assembly for flexible use of individual modules as stand-alone solutions