Smart Sensor Solutions

Monitoring of the production process

With the aim to guarantee a high quality product, we have developed a broad spectrum of smart sensors to monitor the production process and perform effective quality controls for each individual skin equivalent before leaving the tissue factory. With this sensor network, growth parameters of cells and tissue are captured during the cultivation processes and emerging contaminations of cultivation media are detected in an early stage. With the implementation of quality management systems to the concept, layout and performance of our tissue factory, a high level of process reliability is achieved. This includes a concept for sterility, a widely GMP-compliant system design, a strategy to minimize error rates and reliable information management.

Monitoring and controlling the automated production of skin equivalents requires the integration of a wide spectrum of metrological instruments into the production process. In order to guarantee superior quality of the end product, every single ready-to-ship skin equivalent finally has to be tested for defects and inhomogeneities such as the concentration of air bubbles and layer geometry.


  • Early detection of contaminations by analysis of pH, optical density (OD), dissolved oxygen (DO), chirality and spectral distribution of the cell culture media for individual bioreactors / cell culture flasks
  • Non-invasive determination of proliferation progress for optimum cell throughput
  • Monitoring of cell quantity and vitality for optimization of the production processes
  • Non-invasive quality inspection based on optical coherence tomography for each skin equivalent