Tissue Cultivation Module

Build-up and cultivation of 3D skin equivalents

The build-up and cultivation of fully functional 3D skin equivalents is the final production step after cell extraction and expansion. Carrying out this process without any human intervention is a challenging task with respect to process control and automation technology. It requires reliable handling and mixing of dispensed cells and other liquids with heterogeneous time and process dependent properties. Reproducible application of these liquids into tissue cultivation inserts requires precise positioning and dynamic control of active and passive dosing systems.

To ease process automation we have developed a new 24-well plate concept with integrated cultivation inserts, leading to a reduction of the total number of handling steps compared to the manual process. Additionally, distinct liquid handling procedures are eased considerably, thus enhancing overall process reliability. Thanks to the novel 24-well plate design, initial growth medium application as well as consecutive media changes every other day can be carried out without any interaction between dosing devices and tissue cultivation inserts.


  • Total capacity for up to 240 full loaded 24-well plates
  • Maximum throughput of 5,000 fully functional skin equivalents per month
  • Each skin equivalent is treated exactly the same way
  • Minimized contamination risk due to fully automated process
  • 100 % quality control before shipment of skin equivalents